Explaining the Website Layout

The website layout uses some of the most popular fundamental positions of content on the web today for sharing content. When people see your website they will already be familiar with its layout thus making it easier for them to use.

The website will be mobile-friendly which means it will be easy to read on mobile, tablet and desktop screens.

Your website will have a custom colour scheme created based on your business. Colours can be selected from your existing logo or other promotional material. Only with discussing this with you and a review of the colour scheme will the website design go ahead, more details are on the process page about that.

Please read below the graphic of the website layout to explain each point and its function it has.

1. Main Menu / Navigation

Easy to see and find pages on your website and will minimise when viewed on a mobile.

2. Your Logo or Business Name

Easy to identify your business and this also will be a link back to your homepage.

3. Highlight Area

A good area for phone details, a call to action or easy to see social media links.

4. Feature Photo

Hero image – can have this option on the top of other pages too or remove as you like.

5. Main Content Area

This is where all the main page text and other photos will go, easy to edit with the help of video tutorials.

6. Sidebar Highlight Area

Sidebar content could be a call to action, or a form/map and or news articles to help promote your business. When we start working on your website we will discuss what will work best here.

7. Footer Contact Details

Good place for business details.

8. Footer Highlight Area

Link to Social media accounts or other highlight or remove if not required.

9. Quick Helpful Links

Handy to have quick links to some of the main pages of your website. Especially handy when viewing your website on a mobile device so no need to scroll to the top of the website.